Photo Album


The Austrian Connection - 2003

Austrian farmhouse
Leonís grandparentsí farm near Sierning, Austria.

Sondra Schlossberg
Sondra visiting the farm.

Leon Schlossberg
Leonís first visit back to the farm since the 50s.

Lang family tombstone
Cemetery in Steyr, Austria where Leonís grandparents are buried.
The third name on the tombstone was Leonís Uncle.

The cemetary where Leonís grandparents are buried overlooks the city of Steyr.

Egon Lang
Leonís cousin, Egon.

Egon and Johanna Lang
Leonís cousin Johanna with her brother Egon.

Family Portrait
Egon Sr., Egon Jr., Johanna (middle), Christoph and Leon.

Egon and Leon
Leon with his cousin Egon.

Johanna and Sondra
Leonís cousin Johanna sharing cooking secrets with Sondra.

Sondra Schlossberg
Sondra learning how to make Apple Strudel the old fashioned way.

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