Photo Album

The Beginning
Budgie, part 1 – 2008

Not looking too thrilled
Here’s our budgie-girl, BeBe, the night we brought her home (February 3rd).
She was up all night trying to find a way out of her cage.

Another daddy's girl
By March, she started warming up to us.

Natural feather duster
She earns her keep (and millet) dusting tables.

The shadow . . . in the kitchen
She once impersonated Alfred Hitchcock.

What an eagle-eye our girl has.

Bird napping
BeBe serves herself up as a tasty morsel.
(Must be those Australian roots.)

Crowd pleaser
Michael enjoys BeBe’s company.

Blackmail photo
After two months, BeBe gets tired of spray
bottle baths and takes the plunge herself.

Argh matey!
Occasionally BeBe lets Sondra play pirate.

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