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Run of the House
Budgie, part 2 – 2008

Semi incognito bird
Climbing to new heights.
Here’s our budgie-girl, BeBe (before her wings grew back).

Caught in tub
Celebrities never have enough privacy.

So pretty
BeBe checks her do.

Bird on a wire
Mountaineer budgie. Nothing in this photo was staged.

Brave budgie
Ignore Leon’s nostrils - check out the green budgie.

The gals
Ignore Sondra’s morning hair - check out the green budgie.

Faster than a speeding bullet
BeBe treks coffee table.

The Don
At the head of the table, CEO budgie (or mob budgie).

Bird napping
Home away from home - the basket.

We're so proud
Spot the budgie - win a prize.
BeBe finally grows her wings back and perches up high.

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