Photo Album

Florida trip for Leonís birthday - 2006

Sondra forgot to pack the safari outfits
On safari in the remotest reaches of Florida with Dolly the giraffe, and her friends.

Silently humming "Happy birthday to you... "
Big bear-hug for the birthday boy.

Dolly swallowing Sondra's hand
Dolly decides to upstage Leon in the picture.

Local bad-ass
Time to run for the river and hope cats REALLY donít like water.

The Water Boy
Running from the cat (and the heat).

Contemplating the possibility of gators in the river
Leonís swimming instructor; Ariel with legs.

Sondra with Dixie, the dolphin
Sondra meets a new friend.

Leon informs Dixie she's too old for him
So much for

Dolphin treats - no, not the girls, the fish
Sondra rewards Dixie for not drowning Leon.

Leon, Sondra and Dixie saying farewell
Nikon moment. We donít use a Kodak camera or film any more.

The Mapquest directions weren't quite right - again
Traveling home - lost again.

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