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North Carolina Wilds
(whatís in our yard)

Hognose snake
A hognose snake Ė upturned snout and head flattened like a cobra.
Read more about them here.

Maybe a black racer snake
No you canít come in.
This is a black racer or rat snake.
Read more about them here.

Human face on spider back
Crab spider. See the face on itís back?

Southern House Spider
Southern House Spider.
Read more about them here.

Southern Flying Squirrel
THIS was pouncing around our bathroom after midnight.
It's a Southern Flying Squirrel!

Ruby-throated hummingbird. See the glint in her eye?

Red Headed Woodpecker
Red-headed woodpecker.

Sondra calls this the 'dinosaur' bird.
Pileated woodpeckers spotted May 2009!

Red-bellied woodpecker
This beautiful, red-bellied woodpecker died from impacting on a window.
We buried her Ė very sad.

Dove Pair
Dove pair at dusk.

Winged bug in silhouette
It has wings Ė probably a wasp or hornet.

Wild rabbit
Guess whatís been eating Leonís grape leaves?

A skink on the deck.

'Green anole' lizard
A 'green anole' lizard.

Ahem. A raccoon doing what raccoons do.

Click here for photos of the baby blue jay

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