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The Baby Blue Jay

Mom will come back.
This blue jay chick was on the lawn June 4th.
Mom was feeding it but then she disappeared...

Maybe mom won't come back.
About 30 minutes after mom disappeared
Sondra decided to rescue the (apparently) abandoned chick.

I'm not getting in this bucket.
It wouldn’t get into Sondra’s bucket for safe passage to the patio.

Stranded on the patio.
Leon said, “use a basket with something cushy inside.”
It worked.

Sondra is such a sucker.
But not for long. The little chick flew the coop;
or rather, parasailed off the patio...

Check out those raptor claws!
Not having the best day...

Regal, young blue jay.
Baby blue jay portrait.

Don't cry.
We shall call him “Oliver.”

Not looking too thrilled to be BACK on the patio.

Mom (or dad) nearby
After reading this, Sondra moved the “fledgling” blue jay to a bushy area;
where mom (or dad) soon paid a visit. Whew.

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