Photo Album

Our first garden attempt - 2007

Probably worth the grand we've put into it.
Morning of August 1st in our garden.

Six cucumber plants!
This pot might not be big enough.

Leon’s tomatoes.
‘Early Girl’ and ‘'Big Boy’.

Fruit of labor.
The first tomato.

How do yellow flowers turn into red fruit?
Future tomatoes.

Eye of the tiger.
Pea flower. 

Incognito string of pearls.

Beans going nuts?
Beans eclipsing tomatoes and peas.

Quid pro quo
Quid pro quo little guy (or girl).
 Thanks for the help.

Root vegetables.
Tortoise and the hare?
Or radishes and carrots?

I need more pots!
Hodgepodge: Basil, Columbine, Kohlrabi, Bell Peppers,
Salvia, and Chinese Lantern. Peaking in from the top
left - the mini Campbell Valencia orange tree.

First thing planted - slowest to grow.
A little stumped for growth. Maybe fertilizer will help.

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