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Where are they now
Two weeks later in the garden - 2007

Leon next to cucumbers.
Leon finds someone his own size.
The cucumber plant.

Mini Sondra.
Ta-Da! Something else thatís taller than Sondra.
Like having a taller brother wasnít enough.

Staring us straight in the face...
So thatís what a cucumber looks like on the vine.
Theyíve been growing at least two weeks
and we never even knew it!

Mini Leon.
Leon takes refuge from the sun under the beanstalks.

Leon in tomato patch.
Place your bets. Will the tomato plants end up taller than Leon?

Corn dance.
Dr. Leon puts the corn on the couch to
find out why itís growing so slowly.

Corn dance.
Sondra takes her turn playing scarecrow.

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