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Our Iris Garden

Check out the irises growing in our NC yard.
They are all tall bearded irises from Schreiner’s.

Iris garden
April 21, 2009 – we woke up to 'Rustler' blooms.

White irises are so hard to photograph
'Eternal Bliss' had also bloomed overnight.

Hemstitched tall bearded iris
'Hemstitched' took a few days to fully open,
but here she is on April 23rd.

Iris vortex
Aerial view of 'Hemstitched'

Iris cycle
The iris cycle – bud, bloom and a spent blossom.

White iris
April 27th and 'Immortality' blooms in partial shade.

'Royal Storm' Iris
Leon’s favorite 'Royal Storm' bloomed on May 2nd.

This is such a beautiful, complex iris.
May 8th and 'Haut les Voiles' blooms.

2008 Irises

Eternal Bliss Iris
Iris 'Eternal Bliss'

Dark Passion Iris
Iris 'Dark Passion'

Indigo Princess Iris
Iris 'Indigo Princess'

Haut Les Voiles Iris
Iris 'Haut Les Voiles'
This beauty was a freebie from Schreiner’s

Scented Bubbles Iris
Iris 'Scented Bubbles'

New Moon Iris
Iris 'New Moon'

Copper Classic Iris
Iris 'Copper Classic'

Mary Frances Iris
Iris 'Mary Frances'

Royal Storm Iris
Iris 'Royal Storm'

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