Photo Album

Leon and Sondra Summer Vacation
in Bernau, Germany - 2003

See the white tower - that's our hotel.
The beautiful town of Bernau, Germany. Chiemsee Lake in the background.

Incredible place but no air-conditioning.
Palace Bonschlossl where we stayed the first week of vacation.

What? They don't serve hamburgers here?
The Princess of Hammersbach receives
callers and takes a light lunch on the
palace lawn in the afternoon.

Sondra escaped harm but Leon got it in the neck - twice.
The Duke of Webstatic keeps a
wary eye open for killer mosquitoes
reputed to roam this area of Germany.

Actually I had to sit down. My feet are killing me.
Practicing the “winsome” look
learned in acting class.

And just who dares to say I don't own this forest?
“Welcome to my forest. What do
you mean, you don’t have a ticket?”

One of these days I'll learn how to put my hair up right.
Brightening up the Enchanted Forest - and the photographer.

Yes, I have more shirts than this - the darned servants just forgot to pack enough.
The Duke of Webstatic orders
all killer mosquitoes to leave
the Enchanted Forest.

Got sunburned too!
The princess of Hammersbach
illuminated in the Enchanted Forest.
Poetry soon to follow.

Used sailboat flea market.
Closing down for the winter at Chiemsee Lake.

Didn't work. All of her subjects recognized her.
The princess goes incognito on
her daily walk in the country.

The vacation continues in Steibis, Germany

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