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Leon and Sondra Summer
Vacation In Steibis, Germany - 2003

No Internet access - but sometimes one must sacrifice.
Himmel auf Steibis. Another great Bavarian-style
palace in Germany. Superb chef.

That's the German beer, not the walk through the portal.
The famous mountain portal of regularity. Legend says
that anyone who walks through the portal at least once
every day never needs oatmeal or prunes.

A lot safer than paragliding.
Riding the lift up and down the the mountain.

What can you do when you're riding this thing directly over a golf course and you hear someone yell "fore!"
Riding the lift again. It sure beat walking four miles to the top.

No rest for the weary - l bet Sondra is planning another hike.
Chilling out in the suite. After all
that walking, I could have stayed
 right here the rest of the vacation.

I bet he doesn't know I'm planning another mountain hike.
The Lady of Webstatic grins
demonically as she plans
the next day’s walk.

We left them alone - there were too many of them.
Killer mosquito hideout.

Right now I'd settle for a good cup of American coffee.
Mirror, mirror on the wall where is the nearest
place that serves American hamburgers?

My feet are still killing me, but I'm not telling Leon.
Relaxing in the whirlpool after a long
day of hiking in the mountains.

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