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Leon and Sondra Buy a House - 2005

It was time to put down roots. We needed a quiet place to write, drink tea on sunny afternoons and wreak havoc on the Internet. We knew exactly what we wanted, a brick house with tons of space. There had to be a large, level lawn with no trees and it had to be far from the hustle and bustle of any major thoroughfare.

So much for what we thought we wanted. While looking for a “normal” house, we found this one quite by accident and our emotions overcame any notion of practicality. How could you expect us to be rational when faced with European styling, a 30-foot cathedral ceiling, a formal dining room and old-fashioned wood floors? So instead of poets in a charming ranch house, we became the eccentrics on the hill.

The house on the hill
Not a brick in sight, no lawn and just check out all the trees.

Bobsled track. Just waiting for snow and ice.
Our level lawn and look . . . more trees.

Mosquito heaven
We always wanted one of these. I think we bought the gazebo and
they threw in the house for free.

View from the top
Another view of our “treeless” yard. Check back next year.
The environmentalists are not going to be happy with us.

Modeled after the Swiss Chalet design
The front of the house, facing East to catch the morning sun.

Going to look nice when Sondra finishes painting
Our deck facing the treeless yard. Slippery when wet.

Note the trees encroaching on the house. All marked for extinction.
The North side. 50 yards from a busy (and noisy) 4-lane highway.

More trees on the "extinction" list
The busy (and noisy) 4-lane highway hidden behind the trees we didn’t want.

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