Photo Album

The adventures of
Sondra, Leon & Judy in Ireland - 2002

Sondra at Hahn Airport
The Princess of Hammersbach learns how to
pilot the plane to Ireland. (Low-budget flight
- fly your own.)

Never saw another person wearing one in Ireland
The Duke of Webstatic models his
fisherman’s jacket. The sales clerk
said they were very popular.

Roughing it with no cable TV or Internet access
Carrigeen Cottage - our home away from home for two great weeks.

The seagull got away
Sondra sneaks up on Saturday afternoon
dinner - Irish seagull supreme.

Sondra trying to bring the statue to life
The Lady of Webstatic cavorts
with ancient Irish statues.

Not lost, just comparing maps
The story of our driving adventure in Ireland - lost again.

Sondra and Judy conspiring together
The Princess of Hammersbach and her betting tutor Judy smile
at news reporters after winning big at the horse races. Their
secret for success, “Only bet on the American horses.”

Click here for the tragic tale of Doctor Judy

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