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The tragic tale of Doctor Judy

The saga begins
Doctor Judy proudly displays the leprechauns she captured in the
Irish countryside. Judy was subsequently arrested and charged
by the ancient Celtic Gods for willful abduction of little people.

Consulting the Book of Ancient Knowledge at Cashel
Doctor Judy and her legal counsel Doctor Leon, search ancient Celtic
texts for a way to appease the Gods and exonerate Doctor Judy for
her alleged crimes against the little people.

Proof is everything - an old Irish Pub saying
Following the advice in ancient Celtic manuscripts, Doctor Judy visits
Blarney to kiss the Blarney Stone in hopes of obtaining the “Gift of
Gab,” she will need in her trial defense.

Bunratty Castle - home of ancient wizards
Fearing the worst, Doctor Judy, Doctor Leon and the Princess
of Hammersbach enjoy a last supper together, the night
before Judy’s abduction trial by the Celtic Gods.

Ancient Stone Circle in County Cork
Doctor Judy pleads her case to the ancient Celtic Gods.

Doctor Judy loses her case
The Celtic Gods rule against her and Doctor Judy pays
the ultimate price for her willful abuse of the little people.

Shivering in the aftermath
The Princess of Hammersbach and Doctor Leon reflect on
the day’s events and resolve to start a foundation for
the protection and preservation of Irish leprechauns.

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