Photo Album

The adventure continues

Lost again
Self-explanatory if youíve been following the saga.

Blarney Castle
The Princess of Hammersbach smiles at tourists preparing to
climb the long tower staircase up to the Blarney Stone.

Clonony Castle for sale - plumbing broke
One of the many castles for sale in Ireland.
They make great fixer-uppers.

Blarney Castle and grounds
Not for sale - darn. We really wanted to purchase this one.

Home for ancient spirits
The Princess of Hammersbach Memorial Abbey at Cashel.

We think they used food coloring
The Princess of Hammersbach and Duke of Markobel
sample traditional green beer on Saint Patrickís Day.

Donít ask
Really . . . right there in the middle of the forest,
a little hitching post for disabled leprechauns.

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