Photo Album

Sondra & Leon visit Leeds Castle
in jolly older England - 2000

Leeds Castle
Sondra and Leon contemplate purchasing Leeds Castle.

Sondra being herself
Michaelangelo had the wrong model.
Too bad for him.
Leon in striped green shirt
The Duke of Webstatic, Shakespeare, or Doctor
Leon nobody knows for sure.

Leon almost over the edge
The Duke formerly known as Leon.
Sondra still being herself
The Lady of Webstatic.

Sondra and door
Sondra blocks entry to the Prince Charles brothel.
Sondra hiding - poorly.

Beat you to it Deb!
The Lady of Webstatic introduces her new vineyard.

Leon - on water
Doctor Leon does the English Channel.

Sondra breaking the law - she's not 21 yet
The Lady of Webstatic orders a drink at the bar for
the first time in her life, a Long Island Ice Tea.

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