Photo Album

Sondra, Leon & Michael visit Onslow Beach
at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
Empty beach just waiting for us.

Lodge at Onslow Beach
Empty lodge just waiting for us.

Onslow Beach - North Carolina's best kept secret
These air conditioned lodges include a bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen (even a coffee maker and microwave), loft with extra beds, living room with television, balconies fore and aft, and even local wi-fi.
Leon and Sondra - size comparison
Sondra and Leon preparing to catch the "big one."

Yes... we set him free.
Oh, well. Since this was the biggest fish we caught, that makes it the "big one."

Actually, Michael is looking for his contact lens
Leon looking for smooth rocks and Michael searching for small shells.

Bikini watching (but don't tell anyone)
Leon and Michael resting their tired (and sunburned) feet

Sondra and Michael Schlossberg - beach buddies
Sondra and Michael enjoying the sunset

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