Photo Album

Vacation in the States - 2001

Only three poets attended - lets face it, it is North Carolina
Tony Spivey and Sondra at the Poets’
Annual 2001 Convention in North Carolina.

Father and son
Leon and Michael at the family reunion in Fayetteville.

Mother and son
Michael and Mom at the Fayetteville Grand Art Gallery.

Feigned innocence
Sondra and Michael in the head-butting competition.

Leon wins!
Leon and Michael in the “Biggest Foot” competition.

Mom wins
Sondra and Mom in the suntan competition.

Someone charcoaled Michael’s white shoes
Sondra and Michael in the “Cleanest Tennis Shoe”
competition. Sondra won hands down.

Sister and brother - sister on the left
Sondra winning the Ear-tickling contest.

Schlossberg gang - 2001
The family contestants anxiously awaiting the
“Who can eat the most” competition.

Eat your hearts out, guys
The Princess of Hammersbach in her portrait sitting.

Happiness is a vacation from the kids
Mona trying to hide her glasses for the photo.

Brother with sister
Mona and Leon comparing bleach jobs.

Mona, Leon and Debbie - cavorting
Beauties and the Beast.

Randolph Hearst would have loved this
The new pool at Sondra and Leon’s Royal palace in Hammersbach.

All the sharks were vacationing in Florida at the time
View from Sondra and Leon’s summer beach cottage in San Simeon.

Didn't get breakfast
The Princess of Hammersbach, sad about leaving the U.S.

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