I retired from the formal working world in May 2016. That doesn't mean I don't work, it means I don't work for someone else any more. After 20 years in the U.S. Army and 20 more years in Civil Service, it was time to devote all of my time and effort to the personal projects I've always categorized as "someday."

I spend six to eight hours every day working on Internet sites and other long term projects with Sondra. We are currently focused on publishing tycollector.com and planning a small museum featuring all of the Ty plush product lines.

I began to write short stories and poetry at age ten. Seeming to have a talent for it, I considered a career as a writer. Around age 20 however, I concluded my mother was right when she told me I would never be able to earn a living writing poetry. I gave up on poetry and started different pursuits better suited to ensuring a roof over my head and food on the table.

Now, after 20 years in the Army, three years of self-employment, three years as a human resources manager, 20 years in civil service, two divorces and years of travel overseas, Iím not writing poetry any more; I'm documenting Ty plush products.

Sondra and I are the greatest team imaginable. She is my best friend, my partner in a variety of business endeavors and the inspiration for almost everything I do. Together we have published several sites on the Internet; edited and published a poetry anthology with selected works by featured poets from our Webstatic Internet site (now inactive); earned our psychology degrees at the same time from University of Maryland; managed and run our own book publishing business; and plan to build and manage a small Ty plush museum in a few years.

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