Leon’s Poetry



I watched and listened,
barely able to steal
my gaze from the screen,
while I secretly wished
we could dance like that.

It was you I imagined,
gliding along the floor
in seductive movements
of erotic passion,
guided by my hands.

Falling under the spell
of your excitement,
I held back my urge
to squeeze you tightly,
twirling you around instead.

I’ve found different ways
to dance with you
and feel the rhythms
of your heart, as they
steal mine away.

I reveal my colors
of deepest love
in words of affection and
rhymes of tenderness
but still, just once

I wish we could dance
like Patrick Swayze
and Jennifer Grey
in “Dirty Dancing”
. . . just once . . .

Copyright ©2000 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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