Leon’s Poetry


That Look

The virgin morning light
nudges my senses gently,
awakening me, hinting
the warm promise
of another dawn.

I turn toward you
lying there quietly,
glowing ever so softly,
concealing the ferocity
of last night’s argument.

Who was right, who won,
what was it all about,
does it even matter,
could it change us,
won’t love prevail?

I reach out to touch,
searching for
all my yesterdays,
the dreams of tomorrow.
“I love you, I’m sorry.”

You awaken, you stare,
and deadlier than any bullet
you pierce my heart,
fracture my soul
and shred my life.

You give no quarter,
despair closes in.
I flounder in confusion,
impaled and betrayed,
adrift in a dark universe.

Writhing in pain,
I slowly die,
murdered innocently
by your cold, cold look
of indifference.

Copyright ©2000 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic – First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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