Leonís Poetry


Thoughts of Question

I think of death a little now
Regrets are none to find . . .
The time to dream has faded out,
just questions fill my mind.

I donít believe the end of life
alone can close the mind . . .
For union but expands the self
that nourishes in kind.

Does it seem that fate would cause
one man to die, to yield anotherís birth . . .
Does it always happen that natureís laws
extend beyond the earth?

Thirty thousand days of life have passed
since my ill-remembered birth . . .
To think of all the thoughts amassed
which soon must leave this earth.

Thirty thousand days and nights I thought
were but time enough to try . . .
And though many battles were glorious fought,
I find thereís time to die.

I cannot know what meaning paves
across the untraveled path . . .
I only know whatever braves,
must cross a sea of wrath.

Whatever must come most surely does
from lifeís assured course . . .
The way of destiny triumphs because
the heavens are its source.

I said I could with hunger live
on love of all mankind . . .
What kind of food can you now give,
To satisfy my mind?

Copyright ©1998 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic Ė First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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