Leonís Poetry


Dream of Greatness

To reach the stars, the dream of mankind
Yet only a dream in the idle mind
Only a dream that must take second place
To the sickness, the cruelty, and the wars of disgrace.

Where are the great men as great should be
The men to go forth in the uncharted sea
The sea of the stars and the infinite quest
For the good of mankind and the ultimate rest?

The rest that is known to but only a few
The ones who look back on a past they knew
And feel in their hearts that in some special way
The mark they made in history will stay.

The men are no more who can conquer and win
The war with themselves and the evils of sin.
The great men are gone now, destroyed by the wars,
In the battles of hatred they died by the scores.

But the dream of the stars is a dream that wonít die
For the stars will remain in the darkening sky
To look down over earth till the end of manís time
Over wars, and oppression, and human-made crime.

The dream is for always, and the dream I must take
To call it my own for humanityís sake.
I will be of the great ones who forged ever on
For the causes of science and knowledge to be won.

To the stars I will travel, on the planets Iíll sing
All of earth will be awed by the knowledge I bring.
And of me men will say when Iím no more around
The galaxy was my home, the universe my playground.

Copyright ©1998 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic Ė First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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