Leonís Poetry



Without provocation some time ago
They invaded my private domain
They plundered, pillaged and stole my food
Inflicting emotional pain

I defended my home the best that I could
I tried to hold my own
But they pressed ever on in tenacious attack
With a fervor Iíd never known

They attacked at night or in the dark
Their stealth was quite surprising
They seemed to know just when to strike
A remarkably organized uprising

This war raged on for months and months
It seemed to never end
In spite of the bloody battles I won
They attacked again and again

I enlisted mercenaries to join my fight
They welcomed a role in this war
They introduced chemicals into the fray
And the enemy existed no more

I celebrated victory for weeks and weeks
Amazed at the ease of the fix
But I discovered this morning to my chagrin
The ants are back at #506

Copyright ©1999 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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