Leonís Poetry



Oft have I meandered along the fringe of the infinite darkness
To be made suddenly aware of a strangely yearning existence
That haunts me from the outer reaches of nowhere.

It draws me ever toward itself,
Yet I know not from whence it comes
Nor the nature of its being . . .

Often it induces in me
A feeling of natureís imbalance and insanity.
I see the strong beings and the weak beings
But the weak beings die . . .
Even though their will to survive is great
Or greater than that of the strong.

I see the uncomprehending look in an animalís eye
When it is needlessly beaten Ė and dies Ė
Without ever knowing the reason why.

Even more often it induces in me
An awareness of my lonely futile battle
Against forces I am incapable of understanding
Or merging with.

Why must I exist to carry on my species
When I know not its purpose, nor its ultimate goal?

I am compelled to wonder why I am here . . .
And I know not . . .

Which draws me ever closer to the elusive attraction
Of which I am only faintly aware.
For perhaps the answer lies there.

So many of my questions unanswered . . .
So much eternal loneliness . . .
I must achieve an understanding . . . Help me . . .

Copyright ©1998 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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