Leon’s Poetry



Eternity brought you
to this moment in time,
a serene softness
cascading over
my song of life,
a wondrous melody
to accompany the lyrics
of my being.
You made my dreams
more than mere dreams,
weaving your soul
into mine.
Overcome and overwhelmed,
I pledged my love to you,
spoke the word
and dreamed of eternity
You played your softness
in tender loving trust
of fulfilled promises,
conducting the rhythm
of our passion
with intense notes
of touch and feeling.

Was it yesterday,
this morning,
last week,
or last year?
I always wake up
and remember
making love.
I remember
new songs with words
I never sang before,
the harmony of you and me,
crescendos of passion,
trembling release
and long  interludes
of tender cuddling,
and quiet peace.
You give me moments
in forever
that transcend forever.
You are the soft music
of my infinity
and I lament
that “Forever”
will not be long enough
with you.

Copyright ©2000 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic – First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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