Leonís Poetry


Latin Rhythm

We await the dance, you and I
Anonymous in a crowd of faceless couples
Each pair on the dance floor
Oblivious to those around them
All searching for a spark of shared passion

The music begins and I reach for you
Behind your veil of shadowed mystery
The Latin rhythm permeates your body
Directing your swaying, sensual hips
Making you its slave, and I yours

Hypnotized by the promise in your eyes
A promise of mischief . . . and more
My arms embrace as your touch burns my soul
Igniting primal feelings born of lust
And frenzied yearning to possess

The hot Latin beat echoes our pounding hearts
And raises the temperature in our veins
Vision blurs and life becomes the dance
The world disappears, there is only the dance,
Undulating rhythm, swaying hips, and you

No memory of the drive home,
The hastily removed clothing or words spoken,
Only the dance, the throb of the beat in our blood
The intoxicating promise in your eyes and
My trembling excitement of anticipation

Passions raging beyond reason
With shameless and wanton ferocity
You devour me and all that exists
I cry out in passionate fulfillment
And peace finally comes

Copyright ©2001 by Leon D. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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