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   Leonís biography
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   Sondraís biography


   Photo album
      Austria trip
      Belgium trip
      Blue jay
      Budgie, part 1
      Budgie, part 2
      Budgie, part 3
      Florida vacation
      Garden, part 1
      Garden, part 2
      Germany vacation, part 1
      Germany vacation, part 2
      Ireland vacation, part 1
      Ireland vacation, part 2
      Ireland vacation, part 3
      Italy trip
      Leeds castle
      Springtime in Germany
      Tall bearded irises
      USA vacation


   Joint Poems by Leon and Sondra
      Looking Back
      The New Year

   Leonís Poetry
      All That I Saw
      Dream Of Greatness
      I Found Everything In You
      Just For Us
      Interrupted Dream
      Latin Rhythm
      Please Listen
      Shake And Bake
      That Look
      Thoughts Of Question
      Toilet Paper Roles
      What Now?

   Leonís Short Stories
      No More Pain

   Sondraís Poetry
      A Time To Remember
      The Fall Of Us
      In And Out Of Focus
      Itís Too Late
      The Latest Edition
      Lost In The City
      My Little Rose
      The Private Lake
      Say Goodbye To America
      The Space Between
      Starving Artist
      To The Writers

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