Sondraís Poetry


Itís too Late

I never did find the reason,
the reason I couldnít love you,
love you with all of my heart
share everything I was, or would be.

I always looked the other way
when you came too close.
Scared of things I didnít know.
Afraid of the way things might turn out.

I never let fate take its course,
I always fought against it.
Not wanting to embrace reality
for what it was, I let you go.

Those times spent wondering,
wondering how to get away,
I should have listened
to every word you said.

I should have stayed longer,
longer in your arms,
longer in your presence,
and forever in your warmth.

I should have walked with you
on those chilly, starry nights.
Held your hand and shared dreams
when you showed the courage to ask.

Now, sitting here alone,
still searching for a reason,
the only way I can have you
is in my memories.

Struggling through the flow of tears,
I realize with my entire soul
and all the feelings I subdued so well,
I should have let you love me.

Copyright ©1999 by Sondra L. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic Ė First Journey (Sept. 2000)
Awarded the Ronnie Lee Crooms Memorial Medal for Poetic Excellence bt author Tony Spivey.

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