Sondra’s Poetry


My Little Rose

A sickly light trickles through the trees of a dusky forest.
As I walk among the fallen leaves,
shadows of ghosts flit away.
The oaks sing a tale of woe,
as the wind rushes through anemic branches.

I search for beauty in this barren place.
Can any place be as desolate as this?
I search the ground endlessly for a sign . . .

And there you are – a rose lying in the wet.
Trodden and dead.

But wait . . . a glimmer . . .
at the heart of you my little rose.
Therein lies hope.

I will nourish you my little rose.
I will water you my little rose.
I will defend you from the monsters in the night.
I will only keep you in beautiful places.
I will keep you close to my heart.

Whatever strength you need,
take it from me.
I give it willingly.

Little rose, bury your thorns deep in my heart.
Take hold and never let go.
I couldn’t bear to live without you.

Share your life with me
and I will share mine with you.
I am yours faithfully.
I am yours completely.
Grow strong.
Stand tall.
Shine for me.

Show the world how strong you always were.
Show how you persevere.
Show how love
has the power
to make you bloom.

Copyright ©1998 by Sondra L. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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