Sondra’s Poetry


In and Out of Focus

1. The thought I had is gone.
I wonder where it went?
Into the darkness of eternity?
Or maybe into the mind
Of someone else thinking,
Conjuring up the thought
I just spent?

2. We will be the endless music
In each other´s mind
As we dream at night.
The tune we could never get tired of
But impatiently wait to end
So we can behold each other
On a new morning
And learn all over again.

3. Fingers intertwined, clenched,
But with the opening of the eyes,
Light pours forth from enlarged pupils.
It warms the whole.
Fingers react.
They open . . . and then they close.

4. Suddenly I look up
From the frenzied feeding table of life.
Looking around, I focus on a blurred face . . .
His teeth tearing – tainted
With the remains
Of something once whole
Now broken . . . bleeding . . . Dead

5. Yellow lines swallowed up by my traveling car.
With every mile advanced,
My mind retreats to a past I would rather forget.
On my way home from a journey in my car
Alone . . .

6. How have I come to be this way?
Once innocent and plain,
Now hard and filled with pain.
Who were they that took my will,
Scraping the walls crystal clear?

Cold hands, cold feet, cold heart.
Of this world I am not a part.
Going through the motions of another day.
My head starts to swim
And my body to sway.
Realizing my tiny existence in a world
Riddled with people – the pestilence.

Copyright ©1999 by Sondra L. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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