Sondra’s Poetry



The world is the stage of your annihilation.
Its people are the warriors who defeat your existence.
They beat upon your flesh.
They spill the blood within your veins.
They spit words of callous hate.
They trample over you and leave you to die.

But you are strong and seek solace in unique ways.
You cover your ears with oceans.
You hide in the shadows of dark forests.
You fill your eyes with stars.

But the world is not done with you yet.
She doesn’t give up so easily.
She charges at you again . . .
With rising heat to burn your skin,
blinding light to bruise your eyes,
freezing rain to numb your body, and
fierce winds to tear into your soul.

You are left weak and barely breathing.
You seek desperately the courage to prevail.
Tears are your silent screams.

Copyright ©1999 by Sondra L. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.
Published in Poetry the Write Way: Webstatic – First Journey (Sept. 2000)

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