Sondra’s Poetry


Say Goodbye to America

Scream bloody-murder. It’s in your face.
The destruction of the human race.
There is no regard for humankind.
We all have faults we’re afraid they’ll find.

Such a terrible thing, let’s blame it on fate
With lies, corruption and furious hate.
Let us blindly turn the other cheek
And fight the newest enemy of the week.

Perhaps we can get them to throw down their stones
And plead for mercy in pathetic tones.
We will surely feel mighty and our heads will swell.
The weak surrendered and we’ll broadcast it well.

Of all the nations and countries there are,
We are the biggest and strongest by far.
We dropped the bomb – we’ll do it again
Never once caring if we sacrifice our own men.

Basking in the glory of our imagined fame
We will dismiss a future that could end in shame.
We will never notice the secret uprising
And therefore find the end quite surprising.

One day the enemy will proudly detail
In stories of length and enormous scale,
How America could never triumph again
Her arrogant citizens unprepared when

They burned and maimed our melting pot.
None standing united to thwart the plot.
“Old Glory” no longer waved over the land
Instead, the iron fist of the enemy’s hand.

Copyright ©1999 by Sondra L. Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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