Leon and Sondra Together


Looking Back

My thoughts wander back to when I was a child
I never could wait to grow up.
Desiring grown-up things, my life was too mild
My soul craved a much bigger cup.

I wanted to wear a gold band on my finger
A partner to share all my love.
We both would live happily ever after
With blessings bestowed from above.

I couldnít know then how adult life would be
A mortgage, taxes, children, cha-ching.
There were so many things that were hidden from me
Donít get me wrong, I love everything!

But sometimes its funny when I hear myself say
ďI remember when I was young.Ē
I yearn secretly to be that young child at play
Living youth with a little more fun.

I didnít see then all the good things I had
My thoughts were too far away.
And now, thinking back I tend to be sad
That Iím stuck in the future to stay.

Copyright ©1998 by Leon and Sondra Schlossberg. All rights reserved.

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